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We here at the Gaming Gamma strive to bring you the best coverage of niche games possible. We believe in open transparency with our readers and viewers and hold ethics to a high priority here. So we’ve taken some time to explain things.

Our Review Scores

In today’s day and age review scores seem to be a bit unfair on how they are seen. People see games with a 7/10 or a 6/10 are horrible games and should not be played. And honestly that is simply not the case. So here is what we mean we give our reviews certain scores. Remember we score on a 20 point system.

9-10:Fantastic!/Must Play!/Perfect!/Near Perfect!




1-2:Bad!/Horrible!/Stay away!

0:Aquaman Battle for Atlantis and Superman 64 had a child.


We at the Gaming Gamma strive to bring you the best quality news and reviews possible in the most transparent way possible. We believe as our readers you deserve the right to know what is happening behind the scenes.

Review Copies

Publishers trust us enough to provide us with an early copy of their games for reviews and critique. Any game that we receive a review copy of will be disclosed at the beginning of an article stating that the game was reviewed with a review copy of the game.


While some may argue that us reviewing games that we may have funded personally through kickstarter may be a conflict of interest, we wholeheartedly disagree. We believe that if we have enough confidence in a game to succeed and do well, any of our reviewers have the right to back said game. That being said if any of our reviewers review a game they personally backed on Kickstarter, it will be disclosed at the beginning of the review, with the amount that the reviewer pledged to the game. At a later date we will create a page that will act as an archive to keep record of all of the reviews our reviewers have backed if they have reviewed them.

Conflict of Interest. 

We try to review games as objectively as we possibly can, however if a reviewer knowing has a conflict of interest in a game, they will be disqualified from reviewing the game and another reviewer will take their place. Things that qualify this, but are not limited to, are:

  • Providing voice work for the game
  • Being involved with the games development in any stage
  • Being related to or close friends with the developers of the game

We want our reviews to be as fair as possible, even though we do trust our reviewers to maintain professionalism and objectivity these rules are put in place to preserve the integrity of our reviews.

Sponsored Reviews

The Gaming Gamma under no circumstances will NEVER participate in sponsored reviews. If a publisher requests us to cover a game with the result of being paid directly by them, we will cease any and all coverage of their game on the site.


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