Slice It – Review

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Developer: Com2uS

Publisher: Aksys Games

Rated: E

Release Date: January 14, 2016

A copy has been provided by Aksys Games

Images taken from the Nintendo Eshop

Slice It is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a game with a simple objective: slice the shape given to you in as many pieces as required in the amount of cuts required. The puzzles are very fun, especially when the shapes become more complicated.
In Slice It, you’re given a shape and that shape must be cut perfectly even with the exact amount of cuts they give you. So let’s say they give you a triangle with four cuts and tell you it has to come out in four pieces. That’s all you have to do. Nothing more, nothing less. If you cut it into four pieces, and all sides are completely equal, then you get a perfect. Otherwise, the rank goes between failed and three stars.

The games’ presentation is nice and clean. All of the puzzles are set on graph paper so that you make as accurate lines as possible which is great because when you’re finished cutting, it shows how large they are in comparison to the original piece. For example, like the triangle I was talking about in the last paragraph, it could show that one piece is 25.9%, 30.6%, 31%, and 12.5%. Or, if you’re going for a perfect, it would show 25%, 25%, 25%, and 25%.

When compared to the mobile version, it’s exactly the same and nothing is left out in terms of content. The differences come up in the amount of puzzles you get right off the bat. In the mobile version you must go through one puzzle before unlocking the next. There is also the fact that it’s much harder to get hints in the 3DS version than the mobile version. Lastly, from what I noticed, to make up for the fact that you can use two fingers in the mobile version, you can use the circle pad for directional purposes.
Overall, with over 200 puzzles and a time attack mode, you might be glued to this game quite a bit because there are so many bite-sized brainteasers.


+ A well packaged time waster

– The circle pad works but isn’t good enough to replace a second finger





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