New Writer Will Be Joining the Team, Lost Dimension Preview Will be Up Today!

Oh hey, its been like a month since my last blog post? Well heres a bit of an update for you guys!

I have been working on a preview article for the PS3/Vita game Lost Dimension and that will be posted on here later on today!


Now onto bigger news, I have brought on a new writer for the blog to help me out, since I am currently juggling Let’s Plays and reviews of niche games I enjoy I don’t have enough time to review all of them people would like to know about. So enter our new writer Mankoto, he will be writing reviews of games that I feel like would interest my clientele of viewers and readers, but not so much myself. It will be a good way to pump out more quality and diverse reviews here on this blog. He will have an introductory post later today after the Lost Dimension Preview goes up!


About Gammalad

Editor in Chief of The Gaming Gamma, Let's Player on YouTube, lover of cute and niche games and a JRPG enthusiast.

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