Christmas For Us Brings Us Two New Helpers!


A late Merry Christmas to you all! We here at the Gaming Gamma hope you had a wonderful holiday! As we look to tackle 2016 we decided it would be best to introduce two new faces to the Gaming Gamma! That would be the twin girls Ariel and Clover. They will be helping us with our reviews in the future, adding their own flare to the reviews.

Clover-ChibiName: Ariel

Age: 16

Likes: Video games, reading manga, watching anime, knitting

Favorite Anime Genre: Slice of life, mystery, romance

Favorite Video Game Genre: JRPG, Visual Novels, Action-Adventure, Adventure

Favorite Video Games: Splatoon, Persona 4 Golden, Little King’s Story, Pikmin, Animal Crossing

Dislikes: Call of Duty

Of the two twins Ariel is easily the sweeter of the two. Her sister Clover sees her as a goody-goody two shoes, however despite her sweet and innocent appearance, she can be a bit of a cynic at times. She is very hard to trick as well, taking outlandish thoughts and ideas with a grain of salt. She loves her brother but thinks he can be a bit too goofy at times. She has a love for more laid back video games compared to her sister. She will often spend her nights playing Animal Crossing or Story of Seasons when she wants to unwind. That being said don’t let her sweet demeanor fool you,  she can be a bit of a troublemaker like her sister at times.


Name: Clover

Age: 16

Likes: Anime, manga, video games, sleeping

Favorite Anime Genre: A fan of all genres.

Favorite Video Game Genre: A fan of all genres

Favorite Video Games: The Trails series, Stiens;Gate, Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors,Ys

Dislikes: Your favorite anime/game

While Clover is a fan of all things anime and video games she’s certainly not as friendly as her sister Ariel is. You want to talk about her them? Sure, go ahead you’ll have a nice in­depth discussion on them. You want to discuss favorites? Well, you’re entering a very hot topic as she’ll grill you as to why you like what you like and why something else isn’t your favorite instead. As for her favorites, there are only really two requirements, it must be niche, and it has to be a good game. The moment something is deemed her favorite she’ll promote it too no end even going as far as annoying others about it. No matter how outlandish or prude and stuck up she may seem, she really just wants more people to enjoy what she likes considering her love for the not well known.


I hope everyone has an awesome New Year, we look forward to see what 2016 has in store for us!

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Editor in Chief of The Gaming Gamma, Let's Player on YouTube, lover of cute and niche games and a JRPG enthusiast.

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