GameStop Anticipates $7.5B in Sales From the NX in its First Two Years

In a recent release from GameStop via their corporate twitter account they had this to say about the Nintendo NX

GameStop seems to be extremely optimistic about the Nintendo NX, anticipating it to bring in half the sales of that of the Wii in the systems first two years on the market. This information comes in after GameStop lays out a plan to get into the Virtual Reality market. While it’s good to see that GameStop is optimistic, it should be taken with a grain of salt, after all they also believed the Wii U would take off to be the next big thing as well. However it may be safe to assume GameStop may be privileged to some information on the NX that has not been disclosed to the public yet, sparking this level of optimism from them.

Nintendo expects to fully unveil the NX at a press event later this year. We will keep you posted on any official news about the NX as it develops.

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