7th Dragon III Code VFD Your Customizable JRPG Adventure

7th Dragon III Code VDF is the latest entry in the 7th Dragon series (the fourth one to be exact), but it’s the first one being brought to the west by our friends at SEGA.  7th Dragon III Code VDF puts you in the shoes of the squad known as Unit 13 as they work for Nodens, a game development studio front to disguise their dragon hunting and research shenanigans. Here you are tasked with traveling through three different time periods to hunt down the dangerous high dragons to obtain the ingredients to forge a weapon to prevent an impending calamity of another high dragon destroying Tokyo and the rest of humanity with it… again. While this may seem all overwhelming at first, SEGA has your back on this one by providing you the best way you can possibly take down these dragons, and that’s by letting you create the team to do it.


In 7th Dragon III Code VDF customization is your key to victory. You take the role of the leader of Unit 13 tasked of ridding the world of Dragons. So what does our protagonist and his squad look like? Well that is up to you. Every playable character in this game is fully customizable with a vast amount of different classes, looks and voices to choose from. This game gives you the freedom of creating your squad in the vision you want. And I have to tell you, it works rather well. While there are a lot of classes to choose from, you are free to experiment around and create team mates that you think suit your play style. Personally I found great success with the Samurai-Agent-God Hand combo, a well-balanced party, but as you progress further in the game you can unlock even more powerful classes. hackThe customization doesn’t even stop there. Each class has their own skill tree a character can progress down, meaning you can unlock different skills to adjust to your playstyle. Normally, I would say you should spread out your skills evenly, but, in this game’s case, I say prioritize the skills you want a certain character to learn to fit their playstyle. Want your agent class to be able to hack into every enemy and inflict nasty status ailments? Focus all your skills on hacking and the sub hack skills. Want your God-Hand to be able to take out a dragon in one punch? Level-up all of their offensive abilities and don’t worry about their defensive ones. Or don’t and do the opposite, it’s up to you to choose how you play this game.

There is, indeed, so much you can do in this game. You can create the team of your dreams, go on quests, slay dragons, or even name one after the boy or girl you like and take them on a romantic date. 7th Dragon III is definitely a game for 3DS owners to look into this summer if you are looking for a challenging, yet rewarding fully customizable experience.


7th Dragon III Code VDF launches this summer on July 12th for $39.99, and each day one copy comes with a 28 page art book showing all of the different art of the character models and places in the game. Be sure to keep an eye for our full review of this game coming early in July. We will also be making a handy tips video for you noobie dragon hunters out there so you can get a good idea of what to do before you jump on into this game.


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