Superdimension Neptune vs. SEGA Hard Girls hits Steam this Summer

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After a long wait, the latest released Hyperdimension Neptunia spin-off game finally will be hitting Steam this summer!

 It’s time for Steam users to save Time itself! Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls brings its action-packed JRPG gameplay to Steam this Summer 2017! With lustrous, updated 1080p graphics, you’ll get to experience Iffy’s timetraveling adventure in a whole new way. Originally available on the PlayStation®Vita system, this RPG has everyone’s favorite chuunibyo Iffy riding with motor-mouthed (and motorbike’d) Neptune to save history! She’ll team up with personifications of the Sega console known as the Sega Hard Girls to climb, dash, and crawl through dungeons, fighting in intense turn-based battles where character classes, battle gems, and the special Fever Time mode can change the course of battle!


It’s good to see that this Compile-Heart/SEGA cross over is hitting Steam in the next few months! Check out some of the first screenshots for the PC release

To see our full thoughts on the Vita version of this game check out our review here.


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