Nagoshi Confirms Yakuza 3-5 Remaster is for Western Fans, Yakuza 6 Sold an Estimated 800k Globally


In the early hours of the morning SEGA hosted one of their regular live stream events. In this event Toshihiro Nagoshi had a few bits of information to say in regards to the Yakuza series as a whole. In the stream he had confirmed that the purpose of the Yakuza 3-5 remasters were a way for western fans to play the complete series on one home console. This isn’t the first time that the western market influencsed their decisions, as it is believed that Yakuza Kiwami 2 was created for a western auidence in general. Nagoshi also went on to confirm that there will be no cut content in the remasters, and that fans can expect to play the game how it was orginally made. While no localization announcement has been made yet, this pretty much all but confirms that the west will be getting the Yakuza 3-5 remasters in a timely fashion.

Also when asked about the success of Yakuza 6 the Song of Life Nagoshi went onto say that when he last checked the sales were around 800,000 world wide. We are unaware if this includes both digital and physical, however it is amazing to see that Yakuza 6 is approaching one million!

With E3 around the corner, it wouldn’t surprise me if SEGA were to announce some news on the localization status of the remasters and other Yakuza related games. In the meantime, you should check out our review of Yakuza 6!


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