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Resident Evil Umbrella Corps Announced for PC and PS4

Announced at the SCEJA conference, Capcom has decided to announce Resident Evil Umbrella Corps an online focused shooter.  The title will be in the west in early 2016 for $29.99 / €29.99 / £24.99. Enjoy the gameplay trailer below:

Yakuza: Kiwami (PS3/PS4) and Yakuza 6 announced (PS4 Exclusive)

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Yakuza: Kiwami and Yakuza 6 have been announced at SCEJA’s conference. Yakuza:Kiwami is a remake of the original Yakuza game and will be released in January 21, 2016 in Japan with Yakuza 6 releasing in Fall 2016 in Japan. Enjoy the trailer for Yakuza Kiwami below:

UPDATE:CAPCOM Unveils Gyakuten Saiban 6 (Phoenix Wright:Ace Attorney 6) Western Release Confirmed

Today CAPCOM teased the development of Gyakuten Saiban 6 (Phoenix Wright:Ace Attorney 6) in the latest Famitsu Preview. Unfortunately no screenshots were shown off in the issue, but CAPCOM confirmed that the game would have a playable demo at this years Tokyo Game Show. A special court case for TGS (something the Ace Attorney series has at every TGS for a new game), and a special stage live stream event.. The same development team from Phoenix Wright:Ace Attorney-Dual Destinies (also known for the Ace Attorney Investigation series) will be working on this game headed up by Takeshi Yamazaki.


This game comes off the success of Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies, and Dai Gyakuten Saiban, showing CAPCOM still has a faith in the series which is always a good thing. However lets hope CAPCOM has enough faith in its Western audience to localize both Gyakuten Saiban 6 and Dai Gyakuten Saiban next year.

You can check out the Famitsu article here:

You can check out the official website here:


In a press statement released by CAPCOM, Ace Attorney 6 will be coming to the west. Heres hoping for some Dai Gyakuten Saiban news.