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How Nintendo Could Make the Wii U Viable this Holiday Season

With the recent announcement of the PS4 price dropping from $399.99 to $349.99, and a plethora of new Xbox One bundles coming out this holiday season, this puts the Wii U in a really bad situation. Even though the Wii U’s sales have been extremely lackluster over the years, the console normally manages to pull in some decent numbers during the holiday season. However, seeing as this time around the Wii U will only be fifty dollars cheaper than its competitors (and this isn’t even accounting for pre-owned), the question needs to be asked, “What can be done for the Wii U to shine this holiday season?” Granted while The Legend of Zelda and Star Fox both got delayed into 2016, the Wii U is missing some upcoming big hits. But this doesn’t mean nothing can do be done about it.

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