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A Demo for The Legend of Legacy Goes Live on September 22nd!

The highly anticipated new JRPG for 3DS by Atlus, Legend of Legacy will have a playable demo for people to try out on September 22nd! The demo includes the entire prologue and the first two dungeons in the game. What also makes this demo cool is that you can transfer your save data from the demo to the final game to continue where you left off in the demo. So if you are on the fence about Legend of Legacy be sure to check out the eShop demo!

Also be sure to stick around with us for continued coverage on Legend of Legacy in the coming weeks!


Legend of Legacy comes out October 14th.

Thoughts on a Demo: Dungeon Travelers 2

Hey guys, Mankoto here, unfortunately I wasn’t able to grab a review copy for Dungeon Travelers 2 so give me a week or so after the game comes out to get a review out. So for now, here are my thoughts on the demo released on tuesday.

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