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Thoughts on a Demo: Dungeon Travelers 2

Hey guys, Mankoto here, unfortunately I wasn’t able to grab a review copy for Dungeon Travelers 2 so give me a week or so after the game comes out to get a review out. So for now, here are my thoughts on the demo released on tuesday.

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Review:Lost Dimension-A True Hidden Gem

Lost Dimension Review

PlayStation Vita

Lost Dimension is the latest game brought to us from Atlus by the developer FuRyu for the PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation 3. This game flaunts that it is a new spin on the visual novel and TRPG genre, but does it live up to said claims? Well that is what I am here to talk to you about today; I should mention before we get started that I spent the bulk of my time playing the PlayStation Vita version of the game, so anything regarded to in this game is based off my experience from playing it on the Vita.

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Preview:Lost Dimension First Impressions

Disclaimer: I am about 1/3 of the way through the game at the time of writing this preview.

What happens when you put Danganronpa, Fire Emblem, and Shin Megami Tensei Soul Hackers into a blender and sprinkle Lego City Undercover’s load times? You get Lost Dimension.

Lost Dimension is for PS Vita/PS3

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Persona 4 Golden Review-An Adventure of a Lifetime!


Let me start with some backstory here, I first played Persona 4 on my friends PS2 many years ago, and honestly I did not like the game and it just seemed overrated to me. Fast forward to when Persona Q was announced, since I was a fan of the Etrian Odyssey series I thought why not I’ll give it a go. However my friends told me I should either play Persona 3 or 4 before playing Q, so I decided to buy a PS Vita and Persona 4, among some other games which I may or may not review in the future. And all I can say that was the start of an adventure that I will never forget.

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