New Screen Shots of Harvest Moon Seeds of Memories.

In the most recent developers blog for Harvest Moon Seeds of Memories, Natsume has finally shared official screenshots of the game.



The game is clearly taking inspiration from the earlier games in the series with its current art style. It is also clear to see that the game looks a lot better than its original presentation at E3 this year. It’ll be interesting to see how Natsume’s second attempt with their own stand alone Harvest Moon game will hold up. After seeing some of these screenshots I am actually a bit more optimistic about how this game will turn out.

Harvest Moon Seeds of Memories will be launching on IOS, Android, PC and Wii U. The game will hit IOS sometime this month or in January, with the Android version to come the following months. The Wii U and PC versions are still listed as “Winter” so hopefully we will get a concrete date about those two versions soon!


Do not be confused with the original series now under the name of Story of Seasons now published by XSEED, the next installment in that franchise is called Popolocrois A Story of Seasons Fairy Tale.

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