Blazblue: Central Fiction Review

Blazblue: Central Fiction (PS4, PS3)

Gaming Gamma Review

Release Date: (NA) November 1st, 2016

Developer: Arc System Works

Publisher: Arc System Works, Aksys Games

Thank You Aksys for Providing a Review Copy of this Game.

BlazBlue Central Fiction_20161122150228

One of the most essential fighting game developers, Arc System Works, has just released their latest game out in North America; today we’re taking a look at Blazblue: Central Fiction. The latest title in the popular Blazblue series developed by Arc System Works, will Central Fiction be able to overtake other fighters currently in the market or will it be left to the wheel of fate to decide? Find out here and now!

Blazblue: Central Fiction just like previous Blazblue titles use the same button prompts and input indicators of A, B, C, D and motion inputs. The only substantial difference is the addition of new characters such as Naoto Kurogane; DLC character Es, and more. Central Fiction as well adds new normal and special moves for previously included characters along with a new universal mechanic called Exceed Accel, a powerful one off move that automatically ends the duration of your Overdrive.BlazBlue Central Fiction_20161122150325

Heading into game modes we see some of the previously included ones such as story mode, training mode, arcade mode, versus, network mode, and more. Some of the more important singleplayer game modes are story mode and arcade mode, to not go in-depth with story mode it is in a visual novel like format that continues what the previous title; Chrono Phantasma Extend left off on, what I can say is that there is an unlockable character once completing the story mode but mentioning his or her name would also be a substantial spoiler. Central Fiction also offers new game modes such as the Grim of the Abyss mode, similar to a tower/ladder like game mode where you work your way to the end to fight the boss of the tower and along the way increase the stats of your selected character.

Now onto network mode, this includes the standard fighting game online system of: ranked, casual, multi-man lobbies, and settings for said modes. The netcode for Central Fiction has been working well except for the occasional lag and input delay which is a common place issue when it comes to rough connections for the players.BlazBlue Central Fiction_20161122150303

In terms of art, sound, and game design Central Fiction still retains much of what the series used since the start. This is 2D sprite work for the characters and a special blend of 2D and 3D assets used to give each stage a unique appearance. In line of sound design there’s no real difference apart from Central Fiction being the first in the series to not feature an English dub, aside from this characters still retain the same sound effects and voices used in the previous titles. Aside from sound effects and grunts the music is still something to be applauded, helmed by Guilty Gear art designer Mr. Ishiwatari the music continues to be some of the most varied composing for the series. Gallery mode makes a return once again to be a place where all that was mentioned, music, art, characters and their color palettes can be purchased with in-game currency earned as you play matches and so on.

Gameplay wise Central Fiction kept the same fast paced movement options, and over the top combo and damage potential while readjusting different values and animations for characters to balance out the cast for a more leveled playing field. For newer players into the series there is also a Technical and Stylish option for your gameplay. Technical being that none of your button inputs are affected and the gameplay is left as is; Stylish on the other hand makes each rapid press of a button a gateway into different and satisfying combos to help beginners and casual players of the game.BlazBlue Central Fiction_20161122151956

Overall, Blazblue Central: Fiction is a great fighting game and surpasses its predecessor with new content ranging from characters, music, new moves for characters, and game modes. While it is a well-made game there are some negatives such as the constant re-used audio samples and sprites, which is a common occurrence for most fighting games. As a competitor to other fighting games such as Street Fighter V, KoF XIV, Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, and more, Blazblue can easily compete in this market to be one of the powerhouses to dominate the scene.

The verdict for Blazblue: Central Fiction is:



-Constant re-used assets from sprites, sound effects, and more


+Good tools to introduce newcomers to this type of fighting games

+Retains the high technical gameplay and speed for returning players

+Plenty of new additions like game modes, characters, and gallery content

+Netcode is concise and consistent with stable connections

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  2. why the game modes are blocked and only the tutorial mode appears and they mean the 31730 that appears below the main men in PS4


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