Yakuza Kiwami 2 Review Return of a Dragon

Developer: Ryu ga Gotoku Studio

Publisher: SEGA

Platform(s):PlayStation 4 (Played on PS4 Pro)

ESRB Rating: M

MRSP: $49.99

Release Date: August 28th, 2018

SEGA seems to be on a roll with the Yakuza series as of late. This year, western fans have been graced with Yakuza 6 the Song of Life, the series debut onto PC, and the Yakuza X Fist of the North Star crossover localization announcement. Now today, we take a look at the second entry in the “Kiwami” remakes of Yakuza games, Yakuza Kiwami 2. Just like Yakuza Kiwami, Kiwami 2 is a groundup remake of the original PS2 classic Yakuza 2, this time made in the Dragon Engine. How does this remake of the original Yakuza 2 hold up, and does this game paint an interesting picture of the future of the Yakuza series?

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Little Dragons Cafe Review-A Return to Form

Developer:Toybox Inc.


Platforms:PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch (Reviewed on Both)

Release Date:August 24th, 2018

ESRB Rating: E

MRSP: $59.99

Little Dragons Cafe is the latest brainchild of Story of Seasons creator, Yasuhiro Wada, and is an attempt by the looks of it to return to his Bokujo roots. Yasuhiro Wada has had a checkered past of game releases since he left Marvelous. One needs to look no further than his first non Story of Seasons attempt Hometown Story, a game that left a lot of fans disappointed. Now he looks to be trying again with Little Dragons Cafe to try and recapture that initial magic, so how does he do?

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Shenmue III Launches August 27th, 2019

Image result for Shenmue 3

Gamescom is fully underway, and with the release of Shenmue I+II HD what better time than now to announce the official release date for Shenmue III. You can pick up this hotly anticipated crowdfunded sequel on PlayStation 4 and PC on August 27th, 2019! It has been a long road for Shenmue fans, but the end of the road is now in sight! In the mean time, take a look at the latest trailer for the game right out of Gamescon:

Toshihiro Nagoshi Confirms that F-Zero GX Sold 1.5 Million Copies World Wide

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In an interview with Edge Magazine, Yakuza series creator and SEGA Executive Toshihiro Nagoshi confirmed that F-Zero GX sold a total of 1.5 Million copies world wide. This is what Nagoshi-san had to say in regards to the development of F-Zero GX and the success of the entry.

Compared to us, in the big picture, we are similar. But in the finer details – their decision-making and timing – things are different, and I learned a lot from them. In short, it’s about objectivity. (…) It’s hard to describe, but when I’d say about some part of the game, “It’s okay like this, isn’t it?” they’d say, “Our company does not allow this kind of thing. Ever.” I didn’t manage to change their minds about anything. Not even once. But that’s why Nintendo has such a solid brand, even after all these years. That is why we lost the hardware war.
I really liked the Super Famicom game, and while we made a few proposals – Metroid for instance, and others – I was most confident in making a driving game because of my experience in the genre, though I’d never make a sci-fi one

Even though we’d lost the war in the hardware market, I wanted Nintendo to see how great Sega was as a company. We made lots of characters and courses, and we did the best we could for the graphics using the best technology of the time.
Even though we’d tried really hard making games for Sega hardware, they never sold too well, but F-Zero sold over 1.5 M copies worldwide. We realized the only thing we needed to admit was that Sega did not have the ability to sell hardware (laughs). That as a developer (…) we did not need to be pessimistic at all.

After it released, I got a call from Nintendo. They said they wanted to see all the source code for the game, and wanted me to explain how we’d made that game, in that timeframe and with that budget, in detail. They were wondering how we’d done it – they couldn’t figure it out. We were able to achieve something a lot higher than what Nintendo had expected.

Edge Magazine Interview 

This is honestly some pretty big news regarding F-Zero GX. It has been wildly accepted that the GameCube cult classic was a commercial failure, but if what Nagoshi-san is saying is true, this would have F-Zero GX’s sales be up there with the other entries in the series. Maybe one day we will get lucky and Nagoshi-san and his team will have the chance to work their magic again on a brand new F-Zero.


Persona 3 and 4 Dancing Launching December 4th,Persona Dancing Endless Night Edition Announced

This morning Atlus USA has confirmed that we will be getting a Limited Edition of Persona 3 and 5 Dancing. The Limited Edition we will be getting will be similiar to that of the Japanese one, which also included a digital copy of Persona 4 Dancing All Night.

ATLUS is happy to announce that every Persona Dancing game under the sun (and the moon and the stars) is heading to the West in the Persona Dancing: Endless Night Collection! This bundle contains the complete catalog of Persona Dancing games, including the all-new Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight and Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight, as well as a digital download for Persona 4: Dancing All Night, all wrapped up in an exclusive hardcover artbook package! The Persona Dancing: Endless Night Collection will also be available digitally on both PS4 and PS Vita.


You can expect the following things to be included in this Limited Edition:

  • Jam out to all your favorite Persona music with both Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight and Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight in an exclusive hardcover artbook package featuring character art by Shigenori Soejima.
  • Also includes a digital download code for Persona 4: Dancing All Night for the PlayStation®4 – the only way to get P4D on PS4!

The Dancing Endless Night edition of the game will run you $99.99 on the PlayStation 4 and $69.99 on the PlayStation Vita. The game will remain digital only on the Vita but you can purchase all three games for the reduced value for the system. Currently there seems to be no other way to get Persona 4 Dancing All Night on the PlayStation 4 other than buying this collection. You will be able to purchase all of these games on December 4th, so keep a look out for our review of these games!


Persona Q2 New Cinema Labyrinth Launches in Japan on November 29th Exclusively for Nintendo 3DS

During the airing of the latest episode of the Persona 5 anime, Atlus has finally graced us with some more information on the upcoming game Persona Q2 New Cinema for the Nintendo 3DS.

Persona Q2 New Cinema will be a crossover game of the cast of Persona 3, 4 and mixed with the Etrian Odyssey all wrapped together in a film noir type aesthic. Persona Q2 New Cinema will launch exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on November 29th. There is currently no word on a western release from Atlus USA, but hopefully this will change soon.

Yakuza 6 the Song of Life Potentially Heading to PC

ss-01 (1)

It’s that time of the year everyone, finacial reports are in for a lot of big gaming companies. Sometimes these reports can give some interesting early announcements for things to come. Such as today, in SEGA’s finacial report, they seemed to have list Yakuza 6 the Song of Life for a PC release sometime between the end of this year and the start of next year.

While this may not come as a surprise with Yakuza 0 having a pretty stellar launch on PC and Yakuza Kiwami heading to PC later this year, it’s just good to see SEGA committed to bringing the entire Yakuza catalog to the platform one game at a time. It will be interesting to see if we get an official announcement of this at Gamescon. The PC could be where The Dragon Engine truly shine! In the meantime we will keep you all posted if any news break, meanwhile you can check out our review of Yakuza 6 the Song of Life here.

Or you can watch our video review:

Digimon Survive is Heading Westward in 2019

Related image

Have you ever wanted to mix the gameplay of say the Disgaea series with the charm of Digimon? Well now you have your chance. Today Bandai Namco has announced that Digimon Survive will be heading westward for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

You can expect to get your hands on this game sometime in 2019! We will keep you all posted more on this as the news breaks.

Atlus Teases the Next State of the Etrian Odyssey Series


Today, Atlus uploaded on their YouTube channel a trailer teasing the next upcoming Etrian Odyssey game. We can safely assume that this game will be Etrian Odyssey VI and not a side game like Persona Q2 and Etrian Odyssey X. It is speculated that this title will be for the Nintendo Switch as opposed to the Nintendo 3DS, as Atlus confirmed the next mainline title would be brought to the NX(Switch). You can checkout the trailer here on the Atlustube YouTube channel:

It is interesting to see Atlus begin to tease their next mainline Etrian Odyssey adventure when Etrian Odyssey X hasn’t even been released in Japan yet! We will be sure to keep you up to date as more news about the title breaks. In the meantime, checkout our review of Etrian Odyssey V!

Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition Review – A Royal Comeback

Developer: Omega Force/Team Ninja

Publisher: Nintendo

Platform: Nintendo Switch

ESRB Rating: T

Release Date: May 18th, 2018

MRSP: $59.99

Thank you, Nintendo for providing a review copy!

Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition is the re-release of the 2014 collaboration project between Koei Tecmo and Nintendo celebrating “The Legend of Zelda” as a franchise. This repackaging includes a load of new content not found in the original release as well as some updated visuals. Do these changes warrant buying the game again? Today we take a look and decide for ourselves. Please note that this will not be so much of a review as a comparison to the original release of the game not including any of its season pass DLC.


The story is the original Wii U release of this game was surprisingly decent. It was not a masterpiece of storytelling but for a musou game it had a fun number of battles and the story never felt too serious or comedic for the tone of the Zelda series. The added DLC campaigns from the season pass included within the definitive edition re-release really help develop some of the characters who did not get too much time in the original story. The added the Wind Waker arc after the completion of the main story was a very fun addition as well. While there are your standard character misunderstandings that lead to battles, it checks out as a decent story mode. Nothing amazing, but it works for what it is.


The Wii U was not a technical powerhouse by any means, but neither is the Switch. While the original game ran at 720p 30 fps with an extremely variable framerate that often went below 20, the Switch version has made some pretty big strides. The Resolution has received a bump to 1080p and the framerate is now an unlocked 60 fps. While it is not stable, it makes a humongous difference in battle. The actual art style of the game is quite nice and compliments the various conflicting visual styles of the games in the franchise pretty well. Handheld mode on the other hand, is an absolutely atrocious experience. If you thought the Wii U version was a mess performance wise, the handheld mode will have battling constantly at 20 fps and below. It actually hurt my eyes at times, which alone is a testament to its poor performance.


Musou games have been known to have very fun power metal variations on the themes and songs taken from the source material and this game does not disappoint. Most classic Zelda fan favorites are here with very fun and upbeat remixes. Most of the sound queues and alert noises are also taken from games throughout the franchise’s history. The sound design aspect of the original did not disappoint, and nothing has changed for the better.

-Sample of the Soundtrack-

Hyrule Warriors has your standard musou gameplay of mashing X and Y a bunch of times to destroy hundreds of braindead enemies, but there are a few new additions to the mix. The new equipment such as the hammer will introduce new ways to go about fighting bosses. The “My Fairy” system allows you to tackle the Adventure mode with bonuses and adding buffs to your character. Another great added mechanic is the ability to switch characters, which makes multitasking much easier of a feat to accomplish mid battle. These are only a few of the mechanics not found in the original release, and I have yet to find one that hinders gameplay.


Of all the musou spinoffs out there, this one is up near the top in terms of content. The main story mode including all of the extra missions takes about 15 hours, which is 5-6 more than the original game. Adventure mode which includes more than 5 maps each of which can take of upwards of 4-5 hours to complete, and there are almost twice as many characters in the roster compared to the Wii U release. The only major complaint in terms of content is that you’ll be repeating a lot of the same levels in the story mode, and especially in the extra side missions.


Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition takes some of the best aspects of Zelda and musou games and blends them into a somewhat monotonous but mostly fulfilling experience. Fans of the Wii U release and newcomers will appreciate what they have added here. With terrible handheld performance and a lot of repeating levels being its only major drawbacks, this is definitely the better of the two Nintendo Warriors games.